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About me

Hi! I am Marlissa van Aalst. 

I have been changing my life for 5 years. A burnout made me think about what is important to me and how I want to live my life. My core values are love, freedom, connection and pleasure. To find my core values and to be full of energy in life again I had to go through quite a few bumps on the road.

As a true expert by experience ánd certified coach, I want to teach you what I have learned. Share all my tips and tricks with you so you can grow even faster, discover the connection with yourself and let the inner flame burn again. Now I make choices based on love. Love for myself, my body and with it also the love I feel for living my life based on my own terms. I want the same for you. It seems more difficult than many people think. The trick is to take the right steps at the right times.

And.. If I can do this, you can definitely do it too!

With love,

Marlissa van Aalst
How I can help you

What I do

Find Your Purpose (Only available in Dutch)

Are you searching for your soul mission, your purpose in life? Do you want to know what your dream life looks like? What your inner strengths are and how you can use them in a unique way so work doesn’t feel like work anymore? Find the answers by following this online course and learn how to create a life full of energy and passion by doing the things that fit you best as a person.

1-on-1 coaching

Do you want to create freedom, mentally, emotionally ánd financially? Are you not making enough progress on your own? Let’s have a look at your struggles together. Based on this I will create a tailor-made plan, so we can work on your personal wishes.


Going from having no energy to get up, to live a life that gives me energy. I like to share what I have done to create a free life, to get to know myself and my unique superpowers, what I had to change and how you can also live your dream life..


About freedom, love, connection, work and mindset
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An overview of books, courses and links I use

Here you find an overview of all the books, courses and other useful links that I find interesting and will help you grow, create more freedom and money. The topics range from freedom, entrepreneurship, traveling, spirituality and personal growth.


7 tips for a free life full of energy, even if you are employed