1-on-1 coaching


Facing it together

You don’t have to do it alone. Together you achieve more than just. That is why I am going to help you on your way to freedom through coaching. I’m your big stick to change your patterns. 

Breaking patterns

If you do what you always did, you get what you always got. By examining your patterns, you see what you can change to achieve something else.

Take action

Are you postponing things? You won’t be doing that anymore. Together we make a plan and I will trigger you not to get and stay stuck, but to move forward.

Your coach

Hi! Ik ben Marlissa van Aalst.

I have been changing my life for 5 years now. I was burned out, my fire was really out. I always thought of others and only afterwards of myself. I also always committed myself 150% to something and it was never good enough. There was always something to do, it could always be better. This made me feel intensely tired and no longer got any energy from my work. I couldn’t remember what I wanted and if I already knew how I could make sure I could achieve it. I did not succeed in setting priorities, both mentally and financially. I was also no longer connected to my body at all. I no longer knew what my feeling were telling me.  

In the end, because of this, I ended up in a burnout and I started thinking about what I think is important and how I want to live my life. Love, freedom, connection and pleasure are very important to me. To find out and to be full of energy in life again, I had to go through quite a few bumps on the road. As a true expert by experience ánd certified coach, I want to teach you what I have learned. Share all my tips and tricks with you during our coaching sessions, so you can grow even faster, discover the connection with yourself and let the inner flame burn again. I now choose from love. Love for myself, my body and with it also the love for life as I want to live it. 

I want this for you as well. It seems more difficult than it actually is. The trick is to take the right steps at the right times.

And.. If I can do this, you can definitely do it too!

With love,

Marlissa van Aalst

- Buddha -

The mind is everything. What you think you become.
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This is what you can expect from my coaching

Together we will identify your struggles. From there I will make a tailor-made plan so that we can work for 3 months based on your wishes and needs. We look at your mindset. Which mental and emotional struggles are keeping you small at this moment? Which struggles make sure that you are not getting any further and how can you tackle them? In addition, we will also make financial successes. This allows you to escape the rat race from 9 to 5, you can break free from the expectations of others and start living based on your own wishes and needs. You will now really take action to realize your freedom, your dream life. This will be the start of you being congruent. During our coaching sessions and beyond, I will whip your ass for 3 months, so that you will actually take action and grow.  

Results in 3 months

Together we will face your problems and let you grow.


Kick-off session

We will determine where you are now, what you have done so far to try to deal with them and which goals you want to achieve.


Toegang tot het lesmateriaal

You will have access to all my teaching materials throughout the period. In addition to our joint sessions, this also allows you to find additional depth through these online lessons.


Personalized plan

Everyone is different. That is why we will also make a personal plan based on your wishes and needs. This way you get help in those areas that will ensure growth.

An online coaching call every 2 weeks

Every 2 weeks we plan an online session of 45 minutes. In this we discuss how it goes, what you encounter and we do exercises based on the themes that come up.

Ask questions

We have a session every 2 weeks to go through things, but in the meantime you can ask me 24/5 questions by email or Whatsapp. This way I can help you if you run into something.

- les brown -

You are the only obstacle in your path to a fulfilling life.
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What’s next?

You feel that you get stuck in the rut, but you are unable to get out of this by yourself and you would like to learn from someone who has had to do this herself ánd is a certified coach?

You are looking for freedom. Not only financially but also mentally.

Do you want to learn to let go of fears? Fears that keep you slowing yourself down and hinder your growth and improvement.

Do you feel that you want to be 100% yourself and listen to your body and feelings, your intuition to create from there?

To achieve this you need to distance yourself from your perfectionism and your inner critic. And ensure that these thoughts are no longer in control of your actions. You will learn how to act based on your intuition.

To grow and feel free, you don’t have to make tons of money or work full-time. During the coaching sessions we will examine your financial situation and from there we will see how you can realize your dream life.

Your growth is in a balance of feminine and masculine energy. On the one hand feel what you can let go, where you want to go and on the other hand take action to make your dreams come true.

This route is not suitable for everyone.. It suits you if you
✓ dares to invest in yourself and your future.  (The 3-month program costs € 997, – and the 6-month program € 1977, -)
✓ are ready to change and really want to work on yourself.

Plan your free discovery call.
Of course you are not attached to anything yet!


Do you think yes I want coaching, but…

Do I have enough time to follow a coaching process?

Once every 2 weeks we will have a joint session together for 45 minutes. Through the sessions you will learn how to handle time better, so that you can achieve more results at the same time. So it gives you time in the end!

Why should I invest in myself?

You are your number 1 priority in life! You deserve to be happy and full of energy in life. You deserve to be connected to yourself and the universe to create from there with love and dedication.

I don't know if I'm ready..

You have already scrolled the entire page and have already come here to read everything. Put that voice in your head aside and start feeling.. Do you feel YES this is what I need? Then immediately schedule a Discovery call. 

Where do the Discovery call and coaching sessions take place?

All sessions take place online. This way we both have more time left because we don’t have to travel. This also gives us both the freedom to be where we want to be the most. 

What is the investment and can I also pay it in installments?

The investment in the 3-month 1-to-1 coaching program is € 997, – excl. VAT. It is also possible to pay € 358 excl VAT in 3 terms.


Step out of your comfort zone and create a freedom