About Marlissa

Your guide to Personal and Financial Freedom

Hi, I am Marlissa

I grew up in a small village in the Netherlands. As a child I always chatted happily with my family. But at school and with friends I often felt insecure. As a result, I didn’t dare to be myself and didn’t talk much. I was holding myself back, while the voice in me called that I wanted to be seen. I preferred to avoid these struggles mentally and emotionally.

Just before my Bachelor studies I went to Bournemouth for a month and I lived in Alicante for six months during my studies. There I met fantastic people. I tried to enjoy life there in addition to my studies.

But even during these moments abroad and later during my first job after my studies, my struggle was still not gone.. I did notice that I became a bit more open after I knew people for a longer time. Although I still couldn’t be completely myself.

As a result, I did not commit myself 100%, but always 150%. I wanted to show everyone what I was worth. This came back in all aspects of my life. I wanted to be in charge at all times, didn’t let go easily and felt that I had to prove myself with almost everyone in my life.

What I needed 

My turning point

Because of that I got a massive burnout. I lost the connection with myself, had a chronic headache, all muscles in my neck and shoulder zone were completely stuck and was low in my energy, or you can better say completely exhausted. I constantly doubted myself, put myself to the background and I no longer tried to reach out to friends and family and be social.

I realized I couldn’t go on like this any longer, but this was not an easy fix.

I wanted to find a deep connection with myself again. Wanted to feel who I am, how I want to live my life and take action based on this feeling and inner knowing. Therefore I needed to surrender myself completely. In order to do that, I also had to deal with my negative beliefs and feelings, my blockages.

At first I wanted to do everything by myself. Afterwards I followed several coaching trajectories to not only tackle both my emotional and mental blockages but also my fatigue and chronic pain. The moment I got a little energy again I decided to take several courses. I learned about remote working, did several Hell Weeks (Getting up at 5am every day and learning more about a different subject every day.) to challenge myself and at the same time get to know myself better. Besides that I also followed a course on setting up an online business, since I wanted to do this for some time.

The result

In total, this entire process took me about 2 years. With today’s knowledge, I know that I could have gotten out faster by not wanting to do everything alone and not thinking too big – so it doesn’t overwhelm me. By really opening myself up, looking for help, dividing dreams and wishes into smaller steps and connecting myself with like-minded people I achieved more in the last six months than those first 1.5 years before combined. It is precisely the help of the coaching trajectories and the courses that has caused great growth for me.

I have found my purpose, my calling. Feel energized again and I know what I can do on days that I don’t feel so great, to get my inner fire burning again. I feel mentally stronger than ever before and know that I can make my dream life come true. My confidence has grown, I can listen to my intuition again and – even more important – act on it. Love, freedom, connection and pleasure are the core values that are very important to me in this.


My inner critic is not gone, but I have learned to consider the comfort zone of my soul more important than the comfort zone of my ego. I dare to be completely myself.

This is not a guarantee for 365 days of happiness! Sometimes it is still difficult to make choices based on my intuition. If you choose one thing, you sometimes have to let go of something else. But I decided to choose love. Love for myself, my body and with it also the love for life I want to live.

I want this for you as well. It seems more difficult than it actually is. The trick is to take the right steps at the right times.

And.. If I can do this, you can definitely do this too!

Marlissa van Aalst